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From now on, almost all university students and graduates in Korea will be able to obtain academic transcripts, degree certificates, and other certificates as digital documents using smartphones. 

Students used to visit universities or Community Service Centers to get paper documents, or print the documents issued online. Following multi-phased expansion projects, in 2022, a total of 367 universities will issue more or less 20 types of certificates, including transcripts, degree certificates, enrollment certificates, and leave of absence certificates, as digital documents that can be used without separate printed paper copies. 

The Korean government launched the National Digital Document Wallet in 2019, which allows people to receive, transmit, and store digital documents issued by government and public institutions. Since then, the government is increasing the types of official certificates provided as digital documents. The certificates issued as digital documents are securely stored in the Digital Document Wallet and can be sent to other Digital Document Wallets. For example, instead of having to submit paper documents to various public institutions or financial institutions, users can send digital certificates to Digital Document Wallets of the relevant institutions. 

In order to get university academic transcripts or degree certificates as digital documents, you must first install the “Government24” app provided by the government or a government-certified commercial digital wallet app such as ‘Payco’ and ‘Toss’ on your smartphone and register for the National Digital Document Wallet service. Once your personal Digital Document Wallet is activated, you can choose the National Digital Document Wallet option when requesting for certificates at websites ( or that issue them.

Because Korea’s National Digital Document Wallet stores documents in a cloud-based secure storage rather than user’s device, there is no need to worry about information leakage even when you lose your phones. Moreover, it uses digital timestamps and blockchain technologies to prevent forgery and tampering during transmission.

To find out more about the National Digital Document Wallet,
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