Virtual Assistant Service
for Citizens




This Virtual Assistant Service for Citizens (GoodPy)
sends notifications concerning individual administrative matters
and responds to questions via commonly used mobile apps in Korea
(Naver App, KakaoTalk, Toss).

System feature

  1. Notifications via private-sector apps

    Users can sign up for the GoodPy through commonly-used private
    -sector apps and receive notifications about such things as COVID-19 vaccination
    schedules, driver’s license renewals, national scholarship applications and more
    from different agencies with a single request. Fines or penalty payments can also
    be submitted as required.

  2. User authentication via private sector services

    A selection of simple private-sector authentication tools are offered on the website
    to enhance user convenience.

  3. Chatbot service

    A one-stop channel offers guidance on inquiries in 11 different sectors, including
    those regarding recreational forests and the Personal Information Protection
    Act. The service also provides customized services such as inquiries on Personal
    Customs Clearance Codes and expected severance pay for public officials.

  4. Integration with AI Speakers

    The service offers audio guidance on 5,000 different types of civil inquiries in
    response to simple commands, enabling those who are digitally left behind, such
    as the elderly and the disabled, to have easy access to civil services.


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