(One-Stop Civil Service Portal)




This system is a key portal site of the Korean government that
integrates and provides various government services, relevant
information and information on policies provided by central
administrative agencies, public institutions, and local governments,
as well as allow users to apply for various online certificates and

System feature

  1. Government service search

    The system collects information on 70,000 government services, provides the
    information by each area, and allows users to search for government services by
    life cycle and customized benefits.

  2. Service for citizens

    Based on the interconnection with government and public services of other
    institutions, the system offers information on 5,000 types of services, of which
    3,000 types can be applied for online.

  3. Information

    The system provides government news, policy information, research reports,
    legal information and statistics, which are often needed by the citizens.

  4. One-stop processing

    The system provides a one-stop service (pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, death,
    etc.) that provides comprehensive information and receives application for
    various key services per circumstance.


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